Quick reference on the Payroll Register

Payroll is filled with moving elements to track an employees’ hours and their pay. Pay net, salary gross, deducts by employees from payroll tax along with employer contributions and the checklist of items that need to be kept track of is endless. Being able to access all of that information in one location is a great idea, surely? This is why the payroll record comes in. What are the words that are used to describe a pay register, and what exactly does it serve to do?

What is a Payroll Record?

The purpose of a pay register’s purpose is to record the payment information of employees who are employed during a certain pay period. A typical payroll record contains the following information regarding the individual employee concerned:

  • Gross pay
  • Net Pay
  • Payroll taxes

Employee deductions (e.g. health insurance)

In addition, often at the final report is a summation of all employees within the period of time.

This report of the register for payroll is different from the report on pay historical information and other payroll reports like the report on payroll information.

Payroll Register vs. Pay record and. Payroll details

Paycheck history reports give the totals for one employee for a specific pay period. Paycheck history reports cannot include more than one employee as they are just for the one specific employee. You can give a paycheck information report on history to your employees via an employee’s pay stub. If you’re using the payroll software, you may be able to group the history of pay for an employee in a single time period to present a total over multiple pay periods (e.g. the sum that all pay-stubs were submitted for the first quarter).

A payroll record file records the total earnings of employees over a specified amount of time. The report lists each employees’ totals as well as the total for all employees. This report usually incorporates information from individual paycheck history reports , which have found placed at the bottom of the page.

A payroll report is quite similar to the register report. Both reports provide information about employee pay. Both can used to display the pay information for a specific pay period. However, certain payroll data reports go further than that by allowing you to organize your the pay period in many ways (e.g. or by location of residence). The general rule is that a report on the payroll will mention the employer’s share of the payroll tax , if the report on pay does not include the tax.

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