Proposal list

It’s in an exceedingly one in every of the foremost exciting moments in a skilled career. You have got a brand new plan for a book that you simply assume might create a true distinction to your discipline. The primary step from plan to book: submitting a proposal to your authorization Editor.

At our site, your authorization Editor is going to be a topic specialist, and you’ll contact them directly along with your proposal.

The proposal offers them key info to urge the method to start. And to form positive you provide them everything they have, we have got a place along with this list.

Our main piece of advice?

Place confidence in the who, the what, the why and therefore the, however, the Basics

Subject discipline

Provisional title (and subtitle, if any)

Who is going to be writing the book?

  • Write Your name
  • Your position and affiliation
  • Your CV (Also embrace temporary bios for any co-authors or contributory authors)
  • And your contact details:
  • Work phone
  • Email
  • Home phone (if you’re happy for us to decide there)
  • Mailing address

What are you writing?

Type of publication. What audience are you writing for? Can this be a reference work or a textbook?

Overview. This is wherever you make a case for the publication’s objective, and what it’ll be concerning. Assume about:

What’s your vision? However, can this book profit the tutorial community you’re employed in?

Why would somebody buy this book? However, your choice of topics or treatment of the topic can encourage readers to shop for the publication.

What’s special about it? Place confidence in what makes your book distinctive, its major themes and approach.

How can it create a difference? Make a case for the unmet desires in your discipline, and therefore the challenges you’re attempting to handle.

Table of contents. Embrace chapters and subdivisions inside chapters, and any special materials to be enclosed within the appendices.

Sample materials. If you’ve already created a sample chapter, please embrace it. It’ll very facilitate us. To grasp the projected publication. If you have got printed alternative articles and books, please attach a listing of these materials also.

If you’re proposing a reference, please additionally embrace details concerning the frequency of any planned updates

Why are you writing this? Who is that this for?

So that we are able to take into account however best to position your book, it might be nice to grasp a touch concerning the market want. Why is there a requirement for your projected publication? Have there been changes in your field to cause a need for it, or is there a spot within the existing literature that must be filled?

Please additionally tell us concerning the first market. Who desires your book? Indicate the audience(s) for this material (e.g. Academic/research, graduate students, professionals). Be as specific as potential. If the book is geared toward graduate students, please indicate whether or not it’s a primary or supplemental text.

Any info concerning the secondary market should be included; this could be a listing of teams with AN occasional want for this material. Who may want your book?

List so as of importance any skilled societies or organizations that are probably to be a part of the audience for your book.

If you recognize any similar publications to the one you plan, this is often very useful info for our place confidence in their weaknesses and strengths and the way your publication stands out.

How you’re reaching to structure the manuscript?

How many words does one anticipate to completely cowl your topic? What number pages of appendixes?

Timetable: appraise however this project fits into your alternative skilled commitments and provides us. Your best estimate for finishing and delivering the ultimate manuscript and supporting materials (e.g. Content for an internet site, permissions correspondence).

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